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Pere Marquette Revenue Freight Cars
Pere Marquette Revenue Freight Cars

Pere Marquette Revenue Freight Cars

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Arthur B. Million
Feature: Hundman Publishing, 2001
Manufacturer Number: B01K3JHRQW

No car typifies the Pere Marquette Railroad's fleet than the 50-foot double-door steel automobile car. The dust jacket cover photograph is of PM No. 72000, an example built by the Greenville Steel Car Company in 1940. This car was equipped with a Duryea cushion underframe and a perforated steel interior lining for auto parts shipments.

More than boxcars is covered in this volume, the Pere Marquette fleet included the same mix of freight cars as found on other large railroads, stock cars, flat cars, gondolas and hopper cars.

Introduction, pp. 1-2;
The Trans-Michigan Era, pp. 3-34;
The Reorganization Era, pp. 35-98;
The Modern Era, pp. 99-148;
Modeling Pere Marquette Freight Cars, pp. 149-152;
All-time Pere Marquette Freight Car Roster, pp. 153-162;
Pere Marquette Freight Car Lettering Diagrams, pp. 163-170.

Hundman Publishing, hardcover with jacket, 176 pages, 11.25 x 8.5 x .5 in., B&W photographs and illustrations, roster information.

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