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Planning Your Model Railroad
Planning Your Model Railroad

Planning Your Model Railroad

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Tony Koester
Feature: Kalmbach Publishing, 2015
Manufacturer Number: 978-1627002295

Planning Your Model Railroad is a book that tells modelers everything they'll want to consider before starting a layout. This conversational, idea-driven book shows modelers their options when planning a layout.

Includes help with choosing a railroad and scale, finding prototypes that match modeler interest and narrowing focus to make efficient decisions.

Introduction, pp. 4-5;
This way, that way, or down the middle?, pp. 6-17;
Basics of layout design, pp. 18-35;
Understanding railroad operations, pp. 36-43;
Considerations of time, pp. 44-49;
Geography isn't generic, pp. 50-57;
Plausibility, pp. 58-65;
Prototype freelancing - by the prototype!, pp. 66-71;
Planning and modeling structures, pp. 72-77;
Construction and maintenance, pp. 78-87;
Animation, pp. 88-95.

Kalmbach Publishing, softcover, 96 pages, 8.25 x 10.75 x .25 in., 200 Color photographs and color illustrations.

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