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Pueblo's Steel Town Trolleys
Pueblo's Steel Town Trolleys

Pueblo's Steel Town Trolleys

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Feature: Morris Cafkey and John Haney
Feature: Colorado Railroad Museum, 1999
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Pueblo is one of eight cities in Colorado that once had a street railway. For a full century, the Colorado Fuel & Iron steel mill dominated the economy of the city, and this affected the development of the transit system as well. In Pueblo's Steel Town Trolleys, Morris Cafkey and John Haney skillfully trace the fascinating story from beginning to end.

At first there were horse cars and later, many of the electric trolleys were built by the Woeber Carriage Company of Denver. In the final years, ex-Colorado Springs Birney cars dominated the fleet. By 1940, Pueblo was one of the only cities where not a single motor bus operated in transit service.

Included are the stories of the terrible 1921 flood, the heavy traffic to the annual Colorado State Fair, first-hand recollections of riders and employees, detailed descriptions of routes and track, and equipment rosters.

Colorado Railroad Museum, softcover, 144 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., Black-and-White and color photographs, 2 system maps.

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