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Rail Competition Along Wisconsin's Western Wall
Rail Competition Along Wisconsin's Western Wall

Rail Competition Along Wisconsin's Western Wall

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Feature: Dean Freimund
Feature: Four Ways West Publications, 2018
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I've never quite imagined Wisconsin as having a 'Western Wall'. There is a great river, the Mississippi River that forms the border between Wisconsin and the states of Minnesota and Iowa. But, the title of this book aside, this is a good selection of color photographs taken over the years before the giant railroad mergers, and afterwards. There are some large bridges across the Mississippi River, the St. Croix River which also forms part of the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota and the St. Louis River which flows into Lake Superior at the Twin Ports of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin.

There will be lots of scenes in this book with old depots, first-generation diesel power in a variety of paint schemes, some passenger trains before and after Amtrak, plus some scenic photographs of river bluffs and river bridges. Overall this title is a scenic tour on the western border of Wisconsin with Minnesota and Iowa.

Wisconsin's western border blends a busy variety of colorful railroad action with stunning scenery. This book will fill your eyes with bold competition between rivals from Duluth-Superior in the north to Dubuque, Iowa in the south. From the early 1960s on, stunning vistas near Lake Superior highlight obstacles railroad carriers have to surmount as they faced off against each other to vie for freight and passengers. As lines bridge and follow the Mississippi River and its bluffs, nature's beauty and the carriers' diesels will tantalize your mind as you see adversaries vie for every ton and each passenger.

Introduction, pp. 3-4;
Twin Ports (Duluth-Superior), pp. 5-20;
West Duluth, pp. 21-22;
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range's Line from Duluth to Proctor, Minnesota, pp. 23-30;
Routes from Cloquet to State Line, pg. 31;
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range's Branch into Wisconsin, pp. 32-37;
An Examination of Superior from North to South, pp. 38-51;
Lines Between the Twin Ports and Twin Cities, pp. 52-56;
Twin Cities Crossings, pp. 57-63;
Burlington Route vs. Milwaukee Road (St. Paul to St. Croix), pp. 64-65;
Burlington Route, Burlington Northern, BNSF St. Croix to La Crosse, pp. 66-82;
Milwaukee Road, Soo Line, CP Rail Between St. Croix to La Crosse/La Crescent, pp. 83-115;
Burlington Route, Burlington Northern, BNSF La Crosse to East Dubuque, pp. 116-136;
Milwaukee Road, Soo Line, I&M Rail Link, IC&E, CP Rail La Crosse to Dubuque, pp. 137-144;

Four Ways West Publications, hardcover, 144 pages, standard landscape book 10 x 8 in., Color photographs with captions, map.

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