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Railroad Critters In Color Vol. 2
Railroad Critters In Color Vol. 2

Railroad Critters In Color Vol. 2

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Feature: hardcover with jacket
Feature: Stephen M. Timko
Feature: 2012
Manufacturer Number: 978-1582483566

A continuing look at industrial size locomotives behind industry fences. Volume 2 contains additional photographs of smaller critters - less than 50 tons, and expands into the field of larger critters.

Atlas Car & Manufacturing, pp. 4-6;
Baldwin Locomotive Works, pp. 7-8;
Brookville Locomotive Co., pg. 9;
Canadian Locomotive Co., pp. 10-11;
Davenport Locomotive Works, pp. 12-18;
General Electric Co., pp. 19-73;
GM-EMD, pp. 74-75;
Mack Trucks, pp. 76-77;
Plymouth Locomotive Works, pp. 78-95;
H. K. Porter Co., pp. 96-102;
Vulcan Iron Works, pp. 103-105;
Whitcomb Locomotive Co., pp. 106-122;
Unknowns, Home-builds and Miscellaneous, pp. 123-128.

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages, standard portrait size, Color images with captions.

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