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Railroad Logging in the Klamath Country
Railroad Logging in the Klamath Country

Railroad Logging in the Klamath Country

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It is hard to imagine an area better suited for railroad logging than the park-like pine forests of south-central Oregon, a gently rolling country where railroads could be built with a minimum of cost. Ease of construction coupled with an abundance of high quality timber set the stage for one of America's really great logging shows.

Railroad Logging in the Klamath Country is the fascinating story of the logging railroads of this area. During the first half of the 20th century more than two dozen of these colorful lines were pushed into the forests of Klamath, Deschutes, Lake and Jackson Counties. Ranging in size from Ackley Brothers short, two-mile gravity railroad at Keno, to the extensive systems of Brooks-Scanlon and Weyerhaeuser, they're all here. For over 90 years, companies like Algoma, Pelican Bay, Lamm, Ewana Box, Shaw-Bertram, Kesterson, Wheeler-Olmstead, Brooks-Scanlon, Shevlin-Hicks, Medco, the OC&E and others brought logs out of the woods on their railroads in an attempt to satisfy the nation's insatiable demand for pine lumber and wooden boxes. A must for any logging railroad fan!

In addition to over 140 photographs, the book contains a concise history of every lumber company in the region that operated a railroad, a roster of its locomotives and one or more maps of its rail lines.

Ch. 1: Klamath Country Timber Boom, pp. 1-14;
Ch. 2: The Southern Pacific in Klamath County, pp. 15-30;
Ch. 3: Kirk, pp. 31-40;
Ch. 4: The Locomotives, pp. 41-44;
Ch. 5: The McGiffert Loader, pp. 45-52;
Ch. 6: The Railroads, pp. 53-58;
Ch. 7: Klamath Lake Railroad, pp. 59-78;
Ch. 8: Ackley Brothers Lumber Company, pp. 79-82;
Ch. 9: Algoma Lumber Company, pp. 83-94;
Ch. 10: Pelican Bay Lumber Company, pp. 95-110;
Ch. 11: Lamm Lumber Company, pp. 111-122;
Ch. 12: Ewauna Box Company, pp. 123-134;
Ch. 13: Big Lakes Box Company, pp. 135-148;
Ch. 14: Shaw-Bertam Lumber Company, pp. 149-160;
Ch. 15: Kesterson Lumber Company, pp. 161-168;
Ch. 16: Modoc/Forest Lumber Companies, pp. 169-180;
Ch. 17: Chiloquin Lumber Company, pp. 181-188;
Ch. 18: Oshkosh/Braymill-White Pine, pp. 189-194;
Ch. 19: Crater Lake Lumber Company, pp. 195-202;
Ch. 20: Wheeler-Olmstead Lumber Company, pp. 203-208;
Ch. 21: Klamath Lumber and Box Company, Shasta View Lumber and Box Company, pp. 209-214;
Ch. 22: Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company, pp. 215-224;
Ch. 23: Shevlin-Hixon Lumber Company, pp. 225-236;
Ch. 24: Oregon, California & Eastern Railway, pp. 237-260;
Ch. 25: Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, pp. 261-283;
Ch. 26: Medford Corporation, pp. 284-298;
Ch. 27: Klamath Northern Railway, pp. 299-306;
Ch. 28: Trouble on the Woods Lines, pp. 307-314;
Bibliography, Glossary, Index, pp. 315-352.

Oso Publishing, hardcover; 352 pp., standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W photographs and illustrations.

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