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Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California Vol. 1: The Northern Roads
Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California Vol. 1: The Northern Roads

Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California Vol. 1: The Northern Roads

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Feature: hardcover with jacket
Feature: David F. Myrick
Feature: University of Nevada Press, 1992 reprint
Manufacturer Number: 978-0874171938

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This volume is a valuable and comprehensive record of more than 43 railroads of northern Nevada and 26 railroads of southern Nevada and California, many of them never before chronicled. Myrick's hard-to-find books, first published in 1962 and 1963, respectively, are once again available.

The Central Pacific-Pioneer, pp. 1-50;
Eagle Salt Works Railroad Co., pg. 51;
The Nevada RR Co., pp. 52-56;
Nevada Short Line Rwy., pp. 57-62;
Golconda & Adelaide RR, pp. 63-65;
Nevada Central Rwy., pp. 66-77;
Battle Mountain & Lewis Rwy., 78-82;
Austin City Rwy., pg. 83;
Nevada Midland RR., pp. 84-85;
Mid-Pacific RR, pp. 86-89;
Eureka & Palisade RR, pp. 90-112;
Nevada Northern Rwy., pp. 113-133;
Giroux Consolidated Mines Co., pp. 134-135;
Virginia & Truckee RR, pp. 136-161;
Gardnerville & Southern RR, pg. 162;
Eureka Mill RR, pp. 163-165;
Carson & Colorado RR, pp. 166-209;
Dayton, Sutro & Carson Valley RR, pp. 210-213;
Nevada Copper Belt, pp. 214-228;
Rawhide Western Rwy., pp. 229-235;
Tonopah & Goldfield RR, pp. 236-287;
Goldfield Consolidated Mining & Transportation Co., pp. 288-291;
Bodie & Benton Rwy., pp. 298-312;
Owens River Valley Electric Rwy. Co., pp. 313-315;
Western Pacific RR, pp. 316-332;
Oregon Short Line (Idaho Central), pp. 333-336;
Other Northern Nevada Short Lines, pp. 337-340;
Nevada-California-Oregon Rwy., pp. 341-383;
Sierra Valleys Rwy., pp. 384-397;
Boca & Loyalton RR., pp. 398-409;
Verdi Lumber Co., pp. 410-415;
Logging Railroads-Lake Tahoe and Truckee River Basin, pg. 416;
Carson & Tahoe Lumber and Fluming Co., pp. 417-422;
M. C. Gardner, pg. 423;
G. W. Chubbuck, pg. 424;
Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber Co., pp. 425-429;
Lake Tahoe Rwy. and Trans. Co., pp. 430-435;
Other Early Lumber Railroad in the Truckee Area, pp. 436-438;
Sierra Nevada Wood and Lumber Co., pp. 439-441;
Crown Willamette Paper Co., pp. 439-441;
Fiberboard Products, pg. 443;
Miscellaneous photographs.

University of Nevada Press, hard cover with jacket, 472 pages, 8.5 x 11 x 1.25 in., b&w photographs, illustrations and maps.

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