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Railway Milk Cars Vol. 1
Railway Milk Cars Vol. 1

Railway Milk Cars Vol. 1

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Robert A. Liljestrand and John Nehrich
Feature: Bobs Photos, 2002

B&W photographs from the Bob's Photo collection printed on high-quality paper usually with one photograph and caption per page. Perfect for the model railroader or historian.


On the Rutland Railroad, pp. 3-5;
Creameries on the Rutland Railroad, pp. 6-9;
Rutland Railroad Sub-Divisions, pg. 10;
B&M Milk Cars, pp. 11-18;
NX Cars, pg. 19-22;
WDX Cars, pg. 23;
Creameries On the Rutland Railroad, pg. 24;
BWIX Cars, pp. 25-27;
Sample Consist on Rutland Railroad, pp. 28-34;
Borden's Milk Car, pp. 35-36;
Whiting's Milk Car, pp. 37-38;
Bennington Co-op, pg. 39;
PFE Express Refrigerator Car, pg. 40;
B&O Milk Cars, pp. 41-45;
MDT Milk Cars, 46-47;
Index, pg. 48.

Bob's Photo, softcover, 48 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W photographs with captions.

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