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Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol. 11
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol. 11

Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol. 11

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Feature: RP CYC Publishing, 2005

Six Pullman Lightweight Passenger Cars, by Pat Wider.

Presented in Volume 11 are four selected groups of Pullman lightweight streamline passenger cars, two of which had specific variations to make six unique arrangements. The four main groups discussed include selected Pullman-Standard 10-5, Pullman-Standard 6-6-4, Pullman-Standard 4-4-2, and Budd 10-6 sleeping cars. The prototype versions match, to an extent, HO-scale models available from Walthers.

But by no means are the contents limited to these specific configurations. Included in this volume is information that applies to virtually all lightweight sleeping cars with comprehensive attention paid to the underbody equipment. There are summaries and detailed descriptions, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, and tables of Pullmans sleeping car accommodations, materials used to construct lightweight cars, electrical systems, air-conditioning systems, heating systems, braking systems, trucks, hand brakes, draft gear and couplers, steam connections, as well as a few other miscellaneous topics. Numerous builders' photographs and in-service photographs are provided to show the various railroads operating these cars.

A substantial number of builders' photographs are printed landscape format on the page for maximum size and visibility of detail. Several pages are devoted to the Walthers models with Color photographs and descriptions of the many positive aspects of the models as well as areas where modifications are necessary for a more accurate rendering.

We apologize for an error made in the text on page 107, which leads the reader to believe that D&G Models may be out of business. Jim Gerstley has notified us that D&G Models is still very much in business. We hope our readers will take stock of the excellent HO-scale passenger car trucks that continue to be available from D&G Models.

RP CYC Publishing, softcover, 112 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W photographs and illustrations.

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