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Refrigerator Car Color Guide
Refrigerator Car Color Guide

Refrigerator Car Color Guide

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Part Number: msb1216
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Condition: New
Binding: hardcover with jacket
Author(s): Gene Green
Publisher and Date: Morning Sun Books, 2005
ISBN: 978-1582481654

A look at the operation and roster of privately-owned ice-bunker reefer cars. Contains a marvelous sequence of the icing process atop an icing dock in 1962.

Introduction, Icing Refrigerator Cars, Icing Facilities;
American Refrigerator Transit (N&W, MoPac, Wabash);
Armour Co., Cudahy Car Lines;
Fruit Growers Express (Burlington Refrigerator Express Co. and Western Fruit Express Co.);
General American Transportation Corp. (EJ&E, Kingan, Libby's);
Merchants Despatch (IC, NYC, National Packing, Oscar Mayer);
Morrell, Rath and Mather Stock Car Corp.;
North American Car Corp.;
North Western Refrigerator Line;
Pacific Fruit Express;
Railway Express Agency;
Union Refrigerator Transit (Soo Line, Minneapolis & St. Louis, Oscar Mayer, Milwaukee Road, Needham Packing, Sioux City Dressed Beef, Raskin Packing, Dubuque Packing, Rock Island, IBP);
Western Refrigerator Line (Green Bay & Western);
Wilson Car Lines;

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages, standard portrait size, Color images with captions.

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