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Santa Fe Railway Vintage West DVD
Santa Fe Railway Vintage West DVD

Santa Fe Railway Vintage West DVD

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Feature: DVD
Feature: Charles Smiley Presents
Feature: Charles Smiley Presents
Manufacturer Number: Worldwide NTSC

The Santa Fe from the 50s to the end in the 1993 era. Lots of passenger F-unit trains and freight with many paint colors. See the speedy 'Super-C' freights that redefined the rail-freight industry - as it was run like a premium express passenger train.

This is Tehachapi, Cajon Pass, the Los Angeles Area and the Bay Area at their best. The Needles Subdivision and Stockton Junction round out the action in this tribute to the Santa Fe's various generations of the 'Warbonnets'.

To quote Model Railroad News, "I can't think of a better way to spend an hour and a half.."

To quote Railfan & Railroad magazine, "This prolific producer, specializing in high-quality, well researched and narrated, mostly vintage movie programs of operations mostly in the Golden State has brought back to life the evolution of Santa Fe diesel motive power. Fans of the Santa Fe's classic diesel era and the various incarnations of its locomotive paint schemes should find this program to be enjoyable, and likely required viewing."

Charles Smiley Presents, 1 hour 34 minutes.

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