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Scenery by the Seasons
Scenery by the Seasons

Scenery by the Seasons

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Bernard Kempinski
Feature: Kalmbach Publishing, 2010
Manufacturer Number: 978-0890247518

With its seasonal approach, this book offers a unique look at scenery. Designed for all model railroaders, the book is especially valuable for those who are in the planning stages of their layouts or for those looking to refresh their layouts through a change of seasons. Written by a who's who of scenery experts, the book features a range of season-specific projects that incorporate the latest scenery construction tips and techniques.

Appropriate for all levels of model railroaders. Shows how to model trees, crops, and water in different seasons. Features the short-cuts and innovations from a panel of scenery experts.

1: Materials and colors, pp. 5-6;
2: Trees from garden plants, pp. 7-11;
3: The mud season of northern New England, pp. 12-15;
4: Water over the dam; pp. 16-20;
5: Spring backdrop tips, pp. 21-24;
6: Orderly tree lines and fence lines, pp. 25-28;
7: Corn on the strip and other crops, pp. 29-35;
8: Great grass, bushes, and weeds, pp. 36-40;
9: Dry, detailed creek beds, pp. 41-45;
10: Lily pads, cattails, and pond scum, pp. 46-48;
11: Abandoned rails and trails, pp. 49-54;
12: Summer backdrop tips, pp. 55-57;
13: Nature's fireworks, pp. 58-62;
14: Easy autumn trees, pp. 63-64;
15: The leafless season, pp. 65-70;
16: Harvested crop fields, pp. 71-74;
17: Fall backdrop tips, pp. 75-77;
18: Shallow rock cuts, pp. 78-81;
19: Ice and snow, pp. 82-87;
20: Streams with flowing water, pp. 88-91;
21: Winter along the Timber Trail, pp. 92-93;
22: Winter backdrop tips, pp. 94-96.

Kalmbach Publishing softcover, 96 pages, 8.75 x 11.25 x .25 in., Color photographs and illustrations.


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