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Seeing the Forest for the Trees
Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: William A. Lansing
Feature: William A. Lansing, 2005
Manufacturer Number: 978-0976764908

Menasha Corporation and Its One Hundred Year History in Coos Bay, Oregon 1905 to 2005 by William A. Lansing.

This book is about the rise and decline of the timber industry in Coos County, Oregon, with sidelights on coal mining, ship building and port operations. Author Lansing is a 35-year veteran of the timber industry, retired in 2005 as Chief Executive Officer of the Menasha Forest Products Industry.

Some photographs in this book fill the page and others are much smaller. The photo selection goes from the early to modern times.

Foreword, pp. 4-5;
Menasha Timeline, pp. 6-13;
Ch. 1: C. R. Smith Comes to Coos Bay, pp. 14-25;
Ch. 2: Land, Water and the Big Mill, pp. 26-43;
Ch. 3: The Wagon Road, pp. 44-57;
Ch. 4: Expansion, pp. 58-67;
Ch. 5: Plywood and Paper, pp. 68-77;
Ch. 6: A River of Trees, pp. 78-89;
Ch. 7: Cruisers, Fallers and High-Climbers, pp. 90-97;
Ch. 8: The Value of Good Forestry, pp. 98-103;
Ch. 9: The 1970s, pp. 104-111;
Ch. 10: The International Period, pp. 112-121;
Ch. 11: Into the New Century, pp. 122-129;
Source Materials and Index, pp. 130-133.

William A. Lansing, hardcover with jacket, 133 pages, 9.75 x 11.25 x .75 in., B&W and Color photographs.

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