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Shortlines of Northern California Vol. 1
Shortlines of Northern California Vol. 1

Shortlines of Northern California Vol. 1

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Feature: James Shaw
Feature: Four Ways West Publications, 2018
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California is a beautiful state and the railroad short lines of the state operated in some beautiful scenery. Add the scenery with colorful short line locomotives, this makes for a book with lots of color variety. Most short lines in northern California were lumber-based haulers and hauling lumber is what most of the photographs in the book will show. Not all photographs are in color, even though most are, older subjects were photographed in B&W for the time period.

Introduction, pp. 4-8;
Modoc Northern Railroad, pp. 9-12;
Lake Railway, pp. 13-16;
Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad, pp. 17-27;
Yreka Western Railroad, pp. 28-35;
McCloud River Railroad, pp. 36-47;
McCloud River Railway, pp. 48-53;
Northern Redwood Lumber Company, pg. 54;
Arcata & Mad River Rail Road, pp. 55-58;
Pacific Lumber Company Railroad, pp. 59-65;
Fruit Growers Supply Company, pp. 66-67;
Almanor Railroad, pp. 68-69;
Indian Valley Railroad, pp. 70-71;
Quincy Railroad, pp. 72-78;
Feather River Short Line Rail Road, pp. 79-81;
Northwestern Pacific Railroad, pp. 82-91;
Northwestern Pacific Passenger Service 1930-1971, pp. 92-94;
Eureka Southern Railroad, pp. 95-102;
North Coast Railroad 1992-1995, pp. 103-108;
Northwestern Pacific Railroad 1996-1998, pp. 109-120;
Northwestern Pacific Railroad 2001-present, pg. 121;
California Northern Railroad, pp. 122-132;
California Western Railroad, Steam Locomotion, pp. 133-138;
California Western Railroad, Diesel Power, pp. 139-145;
California Western Railroad's SKUNK Railcars, pp. 146-147;
Clover Valley Lumber Company, pp. 148-151;
Feather River Lumber Company, pg. 152;
Hobart Southern Railroad, pg. 153;
Feather River Railway, pp. 154-160.

Four Ways West Publications, hardcover, 160 pages, Color and B&W photographs, captions.

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