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  6. Soo Line - CP Rail in the Twin Cities: A Color Pictorial
Soo Line - CP Rail in the Twin Cities: A Color Pictorial
Soo Line - CP Rail in the Twin Cities: A Color Pictorial

Soo Line - CP Rail in the Twin Cities: A Color Pictorial

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Dean Friemund
Feature: Four Ways West, 2017

Having spent my early childhood in Minneapolis, I appreciate the photographs of the author who, as an employee, was able to get closer to many railroad locations than I could. The Twin Cities, known in Minnesota as "The Cities" are the 4th largest railroad hub of the United States. There are many locations from all over this huge metropolitan area the author visited and worked and brought his camera along with him.

Study and savor many colorful, dramatic images of Soo Line and CP Rail operations in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis - St. Paul and outlying terminals from 1985-2015. A former employee who worked the extra board for ten years examines many of the locomotives and most of the jobs and the routes over which the crews hauled freight, interchanged cars with other railroads and serviced customers throughout the beautiful Twin Cities and busy railroad transportation service area.

From the Prairies, pp. 5-8;
Humbolt Yard, pp. 9-12;
Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern, pp. 13-23;
Canadian National Transfer, pp. 24-26;
Dresser Trap Rock Trains, pp. 27-28;
Camden Job, pp. 29-31;
The Grove, pp. 32-33;
The Route Between Humbolt and Shoreham Yard, pp. 34-39;
Shoreham Yard, pp. 40-44;
To Northtown and Superior, pp. 45-46;
HAT (Humbolt Avenue Transfer), pp. 47-50;
BNSF between Shoreham Yard and St. Paul, pp. 51-67;
Transfer 1, pp. 68-73;
St. Paul Transfer, pp. 74-77;
Minneapolis Transfer - Hiawatha Switching District, pp. 78-82;
Ford Hauler, pp. 83-97;
Spotting NSP (Northern States Power), pg. 98;
Shakopee Job, pp. 99-103;
Big I & M (The Big Iowa & Minnesota), pg. 104;
Littlie I & M (Rosemount Job), pp. 105-106;
Northfield Job, pp. 107-109;
Roseport Jobs, pp. 110-115;
Union Pacific Delivery, pg. 116;
St. Paul Yard, pp. 117-130;
Scrap Job, pp. 131-133;
The Route Along the River, pp. 134-141;
Amtrak Encore, pp. 142-144.

Four Ways West Publications, hardcover, 144 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., over 400 photographs.

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