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Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Vol. 07: EMD GP9s
Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Vol. 07: EMD GP9s

Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Vol. 07: EMD GP9s

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Joseph A. Strapac

Shade Tree Books, 2000


Over 300 GP9 units (and a single GP7) were the backbone of the Southern Pacific locomotive roster from their introduction in 1954 through the 1960s. They ran everywhere: on commutes, switching, sugar beets, you name it. Some still work for short lines and industrial railroads;
a couple have been preserved. 180 photographs in B&W plus a roster.

Ch. 1: Introduction, pp. 3-5;
Ch. 2: The 1954 Passenger Units, pp. 7-15;
Ch. 3: The 1954-1955 (T&NO) Freight Units, pp. 17-21;
Ch. 4: The First Pacific Lines Freight Units: 5604-5621, pp. 23-25;
Ch. 5: The Torpedo Boat: Passenger GP9s, pp. 27-33;
Ch. 6: Class DF-607: The Flood Arrives, pp. 34-41;
Ch. 7: 1957: The Last Black Widows, pp. 42-47;
Ch. 8: 1959: The Gray Geeps Arrive, pp. 48-51;
Ch. 9: Low-Nose GP9 Units, pp. 52-55;
Ch. 10: The Cotton Belt's GP7 and GP9s, pp. 56-59;
Ch. 11: 3300-3325: The First Upgrades, pp. 60-63;
Ch. 12: Class EF418E-2 and R-2: The Largest Batch, pp. 64-69;
Ch. 13: New Life for the 1957 GP9s, pp. 70-75;
Ch. 14: Upgrades for the 1959 Geeps, pp. 76-81;
Ch. 15: Upgraded Low-Nose GP9s, pp. 82-85;
Ch. 16: The Switchers (#2868-2899), pp. 86-96.

Shade Tree Books, softcover, 96 pages, 8.5 x 11 x .25 in., B&W photographs and extensive roster information.

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