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Southern Pacific Scrapbook DVD
Southern Pacific Scrapbook DVD

Southern Pacific Scrapbook DVD

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Feature: DVD
Feature: Charles Smiley Presents
Feature: Charles Smiley Presents
Manufacturer Number: Worldwide NTSC

Pre-merger Southern Pacific in Arizona and California. Main and branch-line action with grades, helpers, manifest, oilcan, beet, 'boxcar' and stack trains.

See the Gila and Lordsburg districts from the 80s and 90s with cabooses, lower quadrant semaphores and on-train footage.

See Donner Pass, Cuesta and the Coastline, Beaumont Hill, Tehachapi, Stockton, Elvas Junction, Tucson, Santa Cruz branch, Ione branch, Lompoc (Whitehills) branch, and much more.

Don't miss Stockton Junction with SP, Santa Fe and UP trains pounding all the crossing diamonds with in the days when it featured three railroads and an interlocking tower as well.

This video has a parade of power, Grades, helpers, manifest freights, locals and much more. Remember the real Southern Pacific in this railfans favorite SP video!

To quote Railfan & Railroad magazine, 'This video includes some really cool SDP45 pace shots, cab ride footage, a lot of interesting camera angles and neat graphics. all done in a fast pace editing style. This is a darn good video.'

To quote a review in Model Railroad News, 'Charles Smiley does his magic, rescuing rare footage from obscurity, cleaning, sharpening, and editing it until the final product just sparkles. His story seems to flow right on through and the narration gives watchers the answers to the questions which naturally occur to them.


Lordsburg District

Donner Line
Great Branch-line Action
Beet Trains
Oil Can Trains
Santa Cruz Branch
Ione Branch
and much more..

Charles Smiley Presents, 1 hour 30 minutes.

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