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Southern Pacific in the San Fernando Valley 1876-1996
Southern Pacific in the San Fernando Valley 1876-1996

Southern Pacific in the San Fernando Valley 1876-1996

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Feature: David Coscia
Feature: Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society, 2018
Manufacturer Number: 978-0930742538

This title is published by Shade Tree Books but apparently the Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society is selling the first copies.

This is both an historical account with many B&W photographs and a pictorial with many large B&W and Color photographs. All eras of the Southern Pacific are presented in color: steam locomotives, early diesels, later diesels, MetroLink, and Consolidated Rock Products which is part of the Other Railroads in the Valley chapter. There are some track diagrams, depot plans (though very small, each one fills a page), and tables of customers and other data. Overall this is a very detailed work.

Located north of the Los Angeles basin, the San Fernando Valley was home to a portion of both the San Joaquin main line and the Coast main line, and the entire Burbank Branch. The author traces the history of Southern Pacific in the area from the 1850s when it just an idea, the construction of both main lines and the branch line, the operational history of the railroad, and the end of the Southern Pacific in 1996.

Iconic locations such as Glendale station, Burbank Junction, and the three tunnels in Chatsworth through Santa Susana Pass were the stomping grounds of both famous and unknown photographers. Many of the photographs are published for the first time.

The steam era covers little 4-4-0s to massive cab-forwards. The diesel era covers the freight and passenger locomotives that dieselized the railroad to the end of the Southern Pacific with SD70Ms and AC4400s.

One chapter is dedicated to other railroads in the valley including Amtrak, Metrolink, quarry railroads and two monorails. Included are thirty-two pages of full-color photography from Daylight locomotives to the last days of scarlet and gray.

Introduction, pp. 6-13;
1850-1876, pp. 14-31;
1876-1893, pp. 32-61;
1894-1910, pp. 62-95;
1911-1919, pp. 96-127;
1920-1945, pp. 128-181;
1946-1959, pp. 182-221;
1960-1971, pp. 222-271;
1971-1996, pp. 272-301;
Other Railroads in the Valley, pp. 302-329;
Anecdotes, pp. 331-351;
Railroading in Color Photography, pp. 352-383;
Appendix A: Stations, pp. 384-403;
Appendix B: Depots, pp. 404-421;
Appendix C: Special Instructions, pp. 422-425;
Appendix D: Passenger Train Service Detail, pp. 426-433;
End Notes, pp. 434-445;
Bibliography, pp. 446-450;
Glossary, pp. 451-453;
Index, pp. 454-480.

Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society, 480 pages, 11 x 9 x .75 in., B&W and Color Photographs and illustrations.

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