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Southern Pacific's Salt Lake Division
Southern Pacific's Salt Lake Division

Southern Pacific's Salt Lake Division

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Feature: John R. Signor
Feature: Signature Press, 2007
Manufacturer Number: 978-1930013216

While many segments of the vast Southern Pacific have attracted wide attention over the years, the lines of the SP in Nevada and Utah have remained largely a mystery. The stretch from Sparks, Nevada, to Ogden, Utah, was for many years known as the Salt Lake Division.

This Volume is an attempt to trace the long and colorful history of the Southern Pacific Railroad through Nevada and Utah, starting with the pioneer Central Pacific in the 1860s, and continuing on with the vibrant Harriman years after 1900, through Depression and War, and on into the modern era. Over the years, terminals and railroad towns were built, and many later faded into history. Engineering and operating challenges were overcome. Throughout, the traffic, trains and people of the Salt Lake Division continued to change, and all left their mark in some way in the shifting sands and wind-blown passes of this lonely land.

This Volume is by noted Southern Pacific authority John Signor. As with all his SP historical works, the coverage is thorough and detailed, with many specifics drawn from operating personnel. Signor has created an original oil painting for the dust jacket and frontispiece, as shown at left.

Table of Contents:
Introduction, pp. 6-7;
Acknowledgments, pp. 8-10;
Ch. 1: Pioneer, 1863-1900 pp. 11-66;
Ch. 2: Coming of Age, 1900-1929, pp. 67-196;
Ch. 3: The Late Steam Era, 1930-1955 pp. 197-340;
Ch. 4: The Diesel Age, 1955-1981, pp. 341-432;
Ch.5: The Final SP Years, pp. 433-447;
Epilogue pg. 448;
Appendix: Salt Lake Division Place Names, pp. 449-463;
Bibliography, pp. 464-466;
Index, pp. 467-480.

Signature Press, hardcover with jacket, 480 pages, 8.5 x 11 x 1.75 in., 682 photographs (77 in color), 68 maps and graphics, station list, bibliography, index.

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