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The Circus Moves By Rail
The Circus Moves By Rail

The Circus Moves By Rail

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Tom Parkinson and Charles Philip Fox
Feature: Carstens Publications, 1978
Manufacturer Number: 978-0911868845

The definitive book on circus trains from the earliest days to the modern tunnel cars of the big Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus of today. Features a variety of rail equipment, operations, RBB&B, Hagenbeck, Wild West, Clyde Beatty and more. Circus cars, moves, headquarters, car rebuilding and lettering. Generously illustrated.

Prologue, First Attempts, pp. 1-14;
Origin, pp. 15-20;
Development, pp. 21-38;
Operations, pp. 39-74;
Advance Cars, pp. 75-96;
Flat Cars, pp. 97-114;
Stock Cars, pp. 115-128;
Coaches, pp. 129-158;
Show Moves, pp. 159-234;
Excursions, pp. 235-244;
Unusual Moves, pp. 245-258;
Disasters, pp. 295-276;
Two-Car Shows, pp. 277-286;
Modern Moves, pp. 287-322;
Outgrowths, pp. 323-367;
Appendix and Index, pp. 368-392.

Carstens Publications, softcover, 392 pages, 10.25 x 8.25 x 1 in., B&W photographs from early to later times.

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