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The Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide
The Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide

The Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Diesel Era
Feature: Withers Publishing, 2008
Manufacturer Number: 978-1881411536

When it first appeared in 1967, the Diesel Spotters Guide by Jerry A. Pinkepank brought much-needed organization to the sport of diesel spotting in North America. Subsequent guides have covered the evolution of the diesel-electric, including Diesel Eras The Contemporary Diesel Spotters Guide, 2000 edition.

Now, more than 40 years after the original guide was published, authors Louis A. Marre and Paul K. Withers have teamed again to update The Contemporary Diesel Spotters Guide, putting a Diesel Era spin on the newest edition. The year 2008 edition will help you identify diesel locomotives from such spotting features as hood shape, truck type, and the location and number of fans, louvers, and doors. Printed in standard 6 x 9 size for easy carrying in the field, this 248-page book contains more than 500 Color photographs. It is a must for railfan and model railroader libraries alike.

Acknowledgments, Foreword, Preface, pp. 2-5;
Electromotive Diesel Inc., EMD, EMC: pp. 5-132;
General Electric, pp. 133-221;
MLW and Bombardier, pp. 222-231;
Morrison-Knudsen Co., MK Rail, pp. 232-240;
Alstom, pg. 241;
National Railway Equipment, pp. 242-244;
Appendix A, General Dimensions, Generator/Traction Motor Type, Page Index: pp. 245-248.

Withers Publishing, softcover, 248 pages, 6 x 9 x .5 in., Color photographs with text and captions.

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