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The Double-Stack Container Car Manual
The Double-Stack Container Car Manual

The Double-Stack Container Car Manual

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Feature: The Railway Educational Bureau
Feature: Simmons-Boardman Books, 2004

With Intermodal container freight increasing, keeping double stack container cars operating safely and efficiently is a growing concern to railroads keeping customers and manufacturers happy with service is a large part of that concern. Don't add to the backlog of container freight by not inspecting cars on your line thoroughly.

The Double Stack Container Car Manual, will help guide freight car inspectors through the major inspection issues regarding double stack container cars. This handy reference incorporates the latest applicable AAR rules along with information from component manufacturers to provide a practical tool for use by car inspectors.

Topics covered include:

' Car Types
' Car bodies
' Side Bearings
' Hitches
' Container Securement
' Trucks
' Drawbar Connectors
' Breakout Protection Structure
' Slack Adjusters
' Brake Valve Arrangement
' Empty/Load Valves
' Articulated Connectors

Simmons-Boardman Books, spiral bound, 76 pages, 9 x 4.5 in., B&W illustrations and diagrams.

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