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The Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway
The Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway

The Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Patrick C. Dorin
Feature: Signature Press, 2009
Manufacturer Number: 978-1930013261

The Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway was well described by its slogan, Around--Not Thru Chicago. For most of a century, it was owned by United States Steel, and was a critical freight conduit for both U.S. Steel's Gary Works and its South Chicago Works, but also served many other shippers along its 130-mile line. In addition, it interchanged with fully 35 railroads around Chicago, carriers from the north, west, east and south, making it a busy interchange and transfer road also.

The focal points of operations on this 130-mile railroad were the two major yards at East Joliet and Gary (Kirk Yard). Locomotive servicing as well as heavy freight switching typified these facilities, and both local freight service and inter-road transfer runs operated from these yards.

Along with a complete railroad history, the steam locomotive roster is illustrated and presented in this book, along with the same information for the diesel era. Probably the most distinctive signature motive power of the EJ&E was its Baldwin center-cab transfer diesels, of which they owned 27 units, more than all other railroads combined.

This fine Volume of history, enriched with 230 photographs (93 in color), most never before published, and 12 maps and drawings, along with detailed equipment histories and several summary chapters about EJ&E freight cars, is the most complete account of the history and operation of the EJ&E ever published. Rail historians and modelers, especially those interested in Chicago-area railroads, will be enthralled with this book, but the many fans of main line railroading will find it interesting and enjoyable too.

Pat Dorin, a well-known rail historian, worked for the EJ&E at one time, and has drawn on company records and employee interviews for this history of the road. In addition to operational details, complete descriptions of both steam and diesel motive power, and of the freight car fleet, are included. The dust jacket watercolor is based on a photograph by Russ Porter.

Acknowledgments, pp. 6-7;
Introduction, pp. 8-9;
Train Operations and Service:
Ch. 1: Around--Not Thru Chicago: A Bit of History, pp. 10-21;
Ch. 2: Freight Trains from Porter to Waukegan, pp. 22-35;
Ch. 3: Coal Drags and Unit Trains, pp. 36-41;
Ch. 4: Ore Trains from the Lake Superior Region, pp. 42-43;
Ch. 5: East Joliet and Kirk Yards, pp. 44-57;
Ch. 6: Passenger Service on the EJ&E, pp. 58-73;
Motive Power and Equipment:
Ch. 7: Steam Power, pp. 74-81;
Ch. 8: Diesel Power, pp. 82-109;Ch. 9: The Box Car Fleet, pp. 110-115;
Ch. 10: Gondolas and Cars for Coiled Steel, pp. 116-125;
Ch. 11: Hopper, Ballast and Flat Cars, pp. 126-133;
Ch. 12: Cabooses and Work Cars, pp. 134-145;
Appendix 1: Freight Equipment Rosters, pp. 146-151;
Appendix 2: Freight Schedules for various years, pp. 152-166;
Resources, pp. 167-168;
Index, pp. 169-176.

Signature Press, hardcover with jacket, 176 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W and Color photographs, illustrations, rosters.

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