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The GP20 and SD24: EMD's Turbocharged Duo
The GP20 and SD24: EMD's Turbocharged Duo

The GP20 and SD24: EMD's Turbocharged Duo

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Diesel Era
Feature: Withers Publishing, 1998
Manufacturer Number: 978-1881411192

The GP20 and SD24 locomotive models can trace their roots to the horsepower race that began in earnest in 1952 when Fairbanks-Morse began promoting its newest creation, the 2,400-horsepower Train Master. Also competition outside the industry as motor carriers were increasingly taking away long-haul shipments from railroads caused carriers to look at ways to speed up train schedules - and this translated into more horsepower.

To get that necessary increase in horsepower, EMD installed turbochargers for the first time ever on factory-delivered diesel-electrics. This book discusses the competition between the loco builders and details EMD's first turbocharged models.

1. Why Turbo charge, pp. 5-8;
2. New Models, New Features, pp. 9-12;
3. Specifications, pp. 13-18;
4. SD24 Production, pp. 19-22;
5. GP20 Production, pp. 23-28;
6. Car-body Phases, pp. 29-32;
7. SD24 Roster, pp. 33-37;
8. GP20 Roster, pp. 38-44;
9. SD24s in Service, pp. 45-62;
10. GP20s in Service, pp. 63-90;
11. Secondhand SD24s, pp. 91-98;
12. Secondhand GP20s, pp. 99-104;
13. Detail Views, pp. 105-112;
14. Colorful GP20s and SD24s, pp. 113-132;
15. Bibliography, pg. 133;
16. Index, pp. 134-136;
17. HO Scale Fold-out Plans, pp. 137-152.

Withers Publishing, softcover, 152 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W and Color photographs, HO Scale fold-out plans.

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