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Bobbers: North America's Four-Wheeled Cabooses
Almost gone! Then out-of-print.
Conrail Business & Research Trains: The Special Equipment Fleet
Limited printing. This one will sell out quickly.
Conrail Rainbow Years Volume 4: New Jersey's Ex-EL Commuter Operations
Pre-Order - This item will be available on 10/31/2021.
Pinsly Railroad Company: The Story of a Short Line Empire, 1938-2020
Out-of-print and sold out.
The Canadian: The Last of the Great Streamliners
Out-of-print and stock.
The Comprehensive Guide to Conrail Cabooses
A few left. Then out-of-print!
The Transportation History of Boonton, NJ
A few left. Then out-of-print!
Tracks Around Mount Union: The Narrow Gauge Capital of the East
Out-of-print. A few copies remain.
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