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The Highwaymen
The Highwaymen

The Highwaymen

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Feature: Michael R. Johns
Feature: South Platte Press, 2010
Manufacturer Number: 978-0615396743

The Highwaymen: How the Long-Haul, Heavy-Axle Trucking Industry Came to Benefit from Massive Public Subsidies, Is Increasing Our Dependence on Foreign Oil, and Prospects for Reform by Michael R. Johns.

The 'Highwaymen' were business and political leaders who advocated the development of America's superhighways -- the Eisenhower Interstate System. This book tells the story of how the U.S. came to develop a system of publicly owned and developed interstate highways. The author, who works in the rail freight industry, suggests that the reasons for developing the interstate system were more a reflection of self promotion, real estate speculation, and self-dealing in business -- including the sale of automotive/trucking related products and services.

Using informative text, approximately 35 photographs, and numerous other illustrations, this book suggests that the motives of the highway movement of the 1950-70 era be re-examined in light of today's realities. It also suggests that public policy be shifted to a more common sense, less energy consumptive approach to moving freight by rail or barge.

This title has been made available to South Platte Press by the author for distribution. Views expressed in the book are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Publisher//or staff of South Platte Press.

South Platte Press, softcover, 86 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W illustrations and photographs.

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