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The Milwaukee Electrics (Revised Edition)
The Milwaukee Electrics (Revised Edition)

The Milwaukee Electrics (Revised Edition)

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Noel T. Holley
Feature: Hundman Publishing, 2002, 3rd Edition
Manufacturer Number: 978-0945434702

Revised edition of a classic Volume covering the development, equipment and operation of the Milwaukee Road's electrified zones across the Rockies and the Cascades. They conquered the mountains, but not the passage of time.

The Milwaukee Electrics is a book about legends. It is a book about the freight and passenger motors that ruled the Milwaukee Road's route through the mountains of Montana and Washington state for fifty-nine years. The electrics were a rugged and unique form of railroad motive power;
fueled through copper wires instead of coal or oil. Much of the story is told through the railroaders who worked on them.

Ch. 1: The Route to Puget Sound, pp. 8-57;
Ch. 2: The General Electric Motors, pp. 58-101;
Ch. 3: The Steeple cab Switchers, pp. 102-109;
Ch. 4: The Bi-Polars, pp. 110-127;
Ch. 5: The Westinghouse Motors, pp. 128-143;
Ch. 6: The Little Joes, pp. 144-170;
Ch. 7: The Snowplows, pp. 171-179;
Ch. 8: The Electrical Distribution System, pp. 180-193;
Ch. 9: The Idaho Division, pp. 194-227;
Ch. 10: Economics and Company Policy, pp. 228-241;
Ch. 11: Tales of the Rails, pp. 242-271;
Ch. 12: Technical Appendix, Locomotives, pp. 272-301;
Bibliography and Index, pp. 302-304.

Hundman Publishing, hardcover with jacket, 304 pages, 8.5 x 11 x 1 in; 300 photographs (8 pages in color); maps; diagrams; roster.

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