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The New Haven Railroad's Electrified Zone
The New Haven Railroad's Electrified Zone

The New Haven Railroad's Electrified Zone

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Robert A. Liljestrand with Richard Abramson
Feature: Bobs Photos, 2002
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The New Haven Railroad had a well-deserved reputation for being an innovator. Despite its chronic economic difficulties, the NH's leadership somehow always managed to position it on the leading edge of railroad technology of the time. One of the New Haven's greatest technological claims to fame is that it was a leader in the field of railroad electrification. Presented here are equipment and locations of the NH's Electrified Zone.

This book is based on the collection of photographs owned by Robert A. Liljestrand. All of the Black-and-White images in this book are from the Ed Hermann collection. Text and captions were written by Richard Abramson.

Introduction, pg. 3-5;
Pennsylvania Station and Grand Central Terminal to SS-22 New Rochelle, pp. 6-12;
Passenger Electrics, pp. 13-19;
Freight Electrics, pp. 20-25: Electric Switchers, pp. 26-30;
MU Cars, pp. 31-35;
Locations Around the Electric Zone, pp. 36-46;
Visitors Under the Wires, pg. 47;
Index, 48.

Bob's Photo, softcover, 48 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W photographs with captions.

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