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The Northern Pacific Railway of McGee and Nixon
The Northern Pacific Railway of McGee and Nixon

The Northern Pacific Railway of McGee and Nixon

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Feature: Richard Green
Feature: NorthWest Shortline, 1995
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Classic, sharp photographs of equipment and environment during the 1930-1955 period. From the Super-Steam Era from the 1930s through the 1950s! Warren McGee and Ronald Nixon, the finest photographers employed by the Northern Pacific Railway, took some of the best locomotive photographs ever.

Author Richard Green, using an 11 by 8.5 inch horizontal format, presents a rich and vivid collection of 300 McGee and Nixon photographs that are an absolute delight to peruse. There's truly something special about this book. Overall, the book is organized by locomotive type, with chapters on Mikados, Pacifics, and Northerns, as well as the mighty Yellowstones and Challengers. And there's a chapter devoted to the colorful and popular Yellowstone Park Line. Best of all, the composition skills of McGee and Nixon give the reader the added value of some wonderful locomotive settings, everything from passenger depots to mountain passes to rolling prairies.

The accompanying captions provide detail that you simply won't find anywhere else. Each photo and caption pair truly sparks the imagination! This book is of value both to the enthusiast and the researcher. An extensive Index, organized by locomotive type, leaves no guesswork to the railfan or modeler trying to isolate a particular piece of motive equipment. Beyond steam, the last chapters of the book take a look at some of the NP's early diesel locomotives, an endearing sight to people who were kids in the 50s and 60s. A must have for all NP fans!

Ch.1: The Photographers, pp. 1-6;
Ch. 2: Mikados (2-8-2), pp. 7-30;
Ch. 3: Pacifics (4-6-2), pp. 31-54;
Ch. 4: Northerns (4-8-4), pp. 55-110;
Ch. 5: Early Articulateds, pp. 111-124;
Ch. 6: Yellowstone (2-8-8-4), pp. 125-131;
Ch. 7: Miscellaneous Engines, pp. 201-209;
Ch. 9: Yellowstone Park Line, pp. 210-220;
Ch. 10: Passenger Diesels, pp. 221-244;
Ch. 11: Freight Diesels, pp. 245-255;
Locomotive Index, Maps, Line and Photograph Locations.

NorthWest Short Line, hardcover with dust jacket, 296 pages, 11 x 8.5 x .75 in., 300 B&W photographs.

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