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The South Park Line
The South Park Line

The South Park Line

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Mallory Hope Ferrell
Feature: Hundman Publishing, 2003
Manufacturer Number: 978-0945434580

The DSP&P headed out from Denver, snaking through the canyon formed by the South Platte River, crested Kenosha Pass and headed across the Great South Park to Como, Colorado. From there the line split, one track headed for the Gunnison Country via Trout Creek Pass, Nathrop, Chalk Creek and the famed Alpine Tunnel. Then downgrade to Gunnison with its promise of mining traffic and cattle..and the dream of the Pacific.

The other line headed for Leadville crossing the Continental Divide two times in the process. The South Park finally reached its intended destinations, but arrived too late, the Rio Grande's track crews had beaten them each time. This is the story of this 'underdog' railroad, also know as the Damned Slow & Pretty Rough Riding.

Dedication, acknowledgments, Foreword, pp. 5-10;
Silver Dreams, Golden Plans, pp. 11-18;
Building the South Park Line, pp. 19-46;
Leadville or Bust, pp. 47-60;
To the Gunnison Country, pp. 61-109;
Alpine Tunnel, pp. 110-136;
Narrow Gauge Mecca, pp. 137-160;
The Leadville High Line, pp. 161-202;
Ride the South Park, pp. 203-246;
The Snowplow Trails, pp. 247-264;
Branch Line Train Time, pp. 265-287;
The Colorado Road Takes Over, pp. 288-316;
South Park Memories, pp. 317-332;
Equipment, Plans and Rosters, pp. 3333-361;
Epilogue, Bibliography, Index, pp. 362-368.

Hundman Publishing, hardcover with jacket, 370 pages, 8.5 x 11 x 1.5 in., B&W and a few Color photographs; maps; diagrams; rosters of locomotives and rolling stock.

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