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The Steam Locomotive: Its Theory, Operation and Economics
The Steam Locomotive: Its Theory, Operation and Economics

The Steam Locomotive: Its Theory, Operation and Economics

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Feature: Ralph P. Johnson
Feature: Simmons-Boardman Books, 1942
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The basic fundamental facts about steam locomotive theory and operation are presented in a straight forward manner. The book contains certain fundamental facts regarding locomotive theory and operation. It attempts to teach an understanding of the formulas used in steam locomotive operation. If you are restoring a steam locomotive or interested in the Steam Era, this is a outstanding book to have in your library.

Originally published in 1942, this book has helped thousands of railroaders with questions about steam locomotives. The author, Ralph P. Johnson, M.E., Chief Engineer for the Baldwin Locomotive Works, has meticulously collected the information in this book from several sources and presented them in a concise manner. It covers practically every technical issue related to steam locomotives including a discourse on types of fuels, evaporation, tractive force, tonnage rating, acceleration, calculating the feasible economic life of steam locomotives, and much, much more.

1. Locomotive Classification, pp. 1-4;
2. Locomotive Fuels, pp. 5-20;
3. Combustion, pp. 21-33;
4. Front Ends (Nozzles, Stacks, etc.), pp. 34-49;
5. Locomotive Cinders, pp. 50-56;
6. Water and Boiler Use, pp. 57-75;
7. Evaporation, pp. 76-119;
8. Superheat, pp. 120-126;
9. Steam Utilization, pp. 127-136;
10. Tractive Force, pp. 137-171;
11. Horsepower, pp. 172-179;
12. Resistance, pp. 180-209;
13. Tonnage Rating, pp. 210-217 ;
14. Curves, pp. 218-238;
15. Valve Gears and Valve Setting, pp. 239-251;
16. Counterbalancing, pp. 252-279;
17. Acceleration, pp. 280-287;
18. Torque Diagrams, pp. 288-294;
19. Distribution of Locomotive Weight, pp. 295-317;
20. Braking, pp. 318-343;
21. Locomotive Testing, pp. 344-392;
22. Dynamometer Cars, pp. 393-404;
23. High Speed Trains, pp. 405-418;
24. Streamlined and Lightweight Trains, pp. 419-435;
25. Motive Power for High Speed Service, pp. 436-456;
26. Motive Power for Switching Service, pp. 457-477;
27. The Relation of Locomotive Operating Expense to Net Operating Income, pp. 478-491;
28. Locomotive Repair Costs, pp. 492-520;
29. Economic Life, pp. 521-540;
Appendix A: Locomotive Testing Apparatus, pp. 541-546;
Appendix B: Derivation of Economic Life Formula, pp. 547-553;
Appendix C: Typical Locomotive Dimensions, pp. 555;
Index, pp. 556-564.

Simmons-Boardman Books, softcover, 564 pages, 6 x 9.5 x 2 in., B&W illustrations.

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