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The TTX Story Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Set
The TTX Story Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Set

The TTX Story Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Set

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: James D. Panza, Richard W. Dawson, Ronald P. Sellberg
Feature: Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society, 2018
Manufacturer Number: 978-0999358405

This set of books are a history of the formation and operation of TTX. As a history book it is text augmented with many photographs and illustrations as opposed to a mostly picture book with captions as the Morning Sun Books titles are.

This title is close to selling out may not be re-printed.

It certainly is helpful to have access to your company's files. This title starts out a the very beginning - before Trailer-Train and is current with the latest equipment such as the articulated auto carriers. There are many detail photographs of hitches, container locks, equipment under construction, specialty loads and more. There is also text about past Presidents of TTX. Having been a manager in the trucking business, I am especially interested in Inter-modal transportation. This set of books is for someone like me, railroad historians and model railroaders!

The Pennsylvania Railroad and Rail-Trailer Co. formed Trailer Train Co. in 1955 to expand piggyback service (highway trailer on railroad flat car) among the nation's railroads. PRR initially managed TTX, which expanded its ownership by railroads to 41. The 62-year journey started with 500 flatcars in 1956 and grew to over 161,000 cars (TOFC, auto rack, Railbox, Railgon, and special equipped cars) today.

The authors, combined, have over 90 years of service with Trailer Train/TTX. They present much "insider" information on company decisions, car design, and the shift to container inter-modal service. The books are hardbound, all-color, horizontal format, and total 624 pages.

Volume 1
Foreword, Introduction, Abbreviations, pp. 4-8;
Before Trailer Train, pp. 9-24;
The First Five Years of Trailer Train, pp. 25-52;
TTX Company Ownership and Challenges, pp. 53-71;
Finance, pp. 72-85;
Administrative Considerations, pp. 86-103;
Fleet Distribution, pp. 104-113;
Less-Conventional Inter-modal Equipment, pp. 114-123;
Conventional Flatcars, pp. 124-189;
Spines and Stacks, pp. 190-277;
End Notes Chapters 1-9, pp. 278-290;
Appendix A: Time Line, pp. 291-292;
Appendix B: Selected Car Fleet Data 1956-2016, pp. 293-294;
Appendix C: Selected Financial Data, pp. 295-296;
Appendix D: Reporting Mark Description and Car Counts, pp. 297-302;
Index, pp. 303-307;

Volume 2
Abbreviations, pg. 4;
Auto Rack Cars, pp. 5-105;
Special Equipped Flatcars, pp. 106-196;
Boxcars, pp. 197-224;
Gondolas, pp. 225-236;
Car Maintenance and Modification Programs, pp. 237-278;
Research and Development, pp. 279-288;
Success and Future of TTX, pp. 289-292;
End Notes Chapters 10-16, pp. 293-302;
Appendix E: TTX Car Classification Systems, pp. 303-306;
Appendix F: People Interviewed for the TTX Story, pp. 307-308;
Appendix G: Authors' Biographies, pp. 309-310;
Index, pp. 311-315.

Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society, hardcover, 624 pages, 11 x 8.75 x 2 in., mostly Color with some B&W (historical) photographs, diagrams, various data and tables of equipment.

These books will be sold as a set only.

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