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The Trains of Lincoln Station
The Trains of Lincoln Station

The Trains of Lincoln Station

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Richard L. Schmeling and Michael M. Bartels
Feature: South Platte Press, 2018
Manufacturer Number: 978-0990876755

Many South Platte Press titles are focused on early railroad history and are usually Black-and-White photographs. This book is mostly color photographs beginning with a color photo looking down at the depot from an overpass with two Burlington Northern business cars parked out front. Most pictures are large format with one picture per page. You will see the Pioneer Zephyr parked at the depot, many silver E-units, business cars, run-through power and Amtrak.

In the past several decades, the railroad presence in the downtown area of Lincoln, Nebraska, has been significantly diminished. This pictorial looks at the many changes that have taken place around the city's former Burlington and Amtrak station between the early 1960s and 2012.

The authors, noted Lincoln area rail historians, recount the history of Lincoln’s "Burlington box," various steam and football excursions that operated, and changes to local passenger train service during the Amtrak era.

Photographs by a number of local rail photographers show the equipment, area facilities and special events that supported depot operations. This is a visual document of how the trains of Lincoln Station were gradually replaced by what is now a vibrant retail and event district for Nebraska's capital city.

Lincoln Station, pp. 5-9;
Exhibits and Fan Trips, pp. 10-13;
Passenger Trains, pp. 14-20;
Special Trains, pp. 21-28;
Engines and Equipment, pp. 29-37;
Railroad Yard, pp. 38-43;
Freight Trains, pp. 44-49;
The BN Era, pp. 50-57;
Amtrak, pp. 58-61;
The BNSF Era, pp. 62-64.

South Platte Press, softcover, 64 pages, 66 Color and B&W illustrations.

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