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The Union Pacific Streamliners
The Union Pacific Streamliners

The Union Pacific Streamliners

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: William Kratville and Harold Ranks
Feature: Kratville Publishing, 1974, Fifth Printing, 1992
Manufacturer Number: 000IY28LC

A comprehensive history of the Union Pacific Streamliners. Five years of research covers every aspect of these famous trains including 43 timetables, 17 menus, 73 diagrams of locomotives and cars, profit and loss statements, operating contracts with partner railroads, equipment values, over 1200 photographs and 56,000 words of text.

Part 1: In The Beginning.., the early trains from the M-10000 to the Treasure Island Special including Painting and Lettering;
Part 2: Then They Ran Daily..including Motive Power After 1938 to the Train of Tomorrow, City of Las Vegas and Braking Systems;
Part 3: Equipment 1948-1971, all classes of equipment up to the Amtrak Era;
Part 4: Streamliner Memories;

Auto-Liner, hardcover with dust jacket, 592 pages, 8.5 x 11 x 2 in., B&W photographs, diagrams, equipment rosters, data.

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