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The Vista-Dome North Coast Limited
The Vista-Dome North Coast Limited

The Vista-Dome North Coast Limited

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Feature: William R. Kuebler
Feature: OSO Publishing, 2004
Manufacturer Number: 978-1931064064

The Vista-Dome North Coast Limited was the premier passenger train of the Northern Pacific Railway from 1954 to 1970. Dressed in Raymond Loewy's two-tone green paint scheme, deemed by many to be the most attractive ever applied to a passenger train, the Vista-Dome North Coast Limited featured glass-topped dome cars, which allowed passengers a sweeping view of the scenic territory between Chicago and Seattle. It also featured a unique lounge car with a Lewis and Clark theme, top-notch dining car service, and state-of-the-art Pullman sleeping cars.

This book gives the complete story of the NP's Vista-Dome North Coast Limited. Illustrated with over 280 photographs, it provides a detailed look at the train's 1954-1970 operation from the perspectives of both the traveling public and the train's crew.

The author takes you on marvelous trip between Chicago and Seattle aboard the Vista-Dome North Coast Limited during its heyday. Included is a personal tour of the entire train from front to rear. Detailed diagrams and discussion about the trains makeup, operation, and appearance make this a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in the Northern Pacific Railway or passenger trains, whether as historian, modeler, railfan, or an armchair reader who would like to revisit the good old days of passenger rail travel. Come and experience what it was like to travel in comfort, eat in a luxurious dining car, relax in one of the trains lounges, sleep in plush, private rooms, be pampered by the best crews in the business, and meet some of the worlds most interesting people. Enjoy the magnificent scenery from one of the four vista-domes on this beautiful, Four Dome Train West. Find out why this truly was one of the worlds extra fine trains.

Part 1: Northern Pacific's Vista-Dome NORTH COAST LIMITED: An Overview, pp. 3-38;
Part 2: A 1959 Journey, pp. 39-148;
Part 3: Vista-Dome North Coast Limited Operation: An Inside Look, pp. 149-246;
Part 4: Highball into History, pp. 247-292;
Epilogue, pp. 293-296;
Modeling the Vista-Dome North Coast Limited, pp. 297-318;
Bibliography, pp. 319-324;
Index, pp. 325-333.

OSO Publishing, hardcover with dust jacket, 8.5 x 11.75 x 1 in., 353 pages, B&W and Color photographs.

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