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Toronto Transit Commission Streetcars
Toronto Transit Commission Streetcars

Toronto Transit Commission Streetcars

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Kenneth C. Springirth
Feature: 2018
Manufacturer Number: 978-1582484570

The Canadian city of Toronto operated an eclectic collection of trolleys – some old, some new, some secondhand. This look back at operations as long ago as the 1950s shows the equipment and city they served in intriguing City Scapes.

About every other page has a single photograph that fills the page with a caption at the bottom.

Introduction, pg. 3;
Streetcar Roster, pp. 4-15;
Toronto's Vintage Peter Witt Streetcars, pp. 16-17;
Queen Streetcar Line, pp. 18-33;
Long Branch Streetcar Line, pp. 34-35;
Kingston Road Streetcar Line, pp. 36-37;
King Streetcar Line, pp. 38-41;
Bathurst Streetcar Line, pp. 42-44;
Exhibition Streetcar Line, pp. 45-47;
Dundas Streetcar Line, pp. 48-49;
Carlton Streetcar Line, pp. 50-59;
St. Clair Streetcar Line, pp. 60-71;
Rogers Road Streetcar Line, pp. 72-73;
Dupot/Bay Streetcar Line, pg. 74;
Bloor Streetcar Line, pp. 75-81;
Harbord Streetcar Line, pp. 82-87;
Danforth Carhouse, pg. 88;
Lansdowne Carhouse, pp. 89-90;
Roncesvalles Carhouse, pp. 91-95;
Hillcrest Shops, pg. 96.

Softcover, 96 pages, standard landscape format, Color images with captions.

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