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Trackside Around Massachusetts 1950-1970
Trackside Around Massachusetts 1950-1970

Trackside Around Massachusetts 1950-1970

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Feature: hardcover with jacket
Feature: Jeremy F. Plant
Feature: 2004
Manufacturer Number: 978-1582481197

The three major roads of the State: New Haven, Boston & Maine and Boston & Albany;
are scrutinized in full color by noted rail photographer Russ Munroe. There's a little Central Vermont and other smaller roads also.

Boston & Maine at Mid-Century, pp. 8-11;
The 6000, pp. 12-13;
On the New Haven, pp. 14-17;
Fantrips in the 1950s, pg. 18;
Fairbanks-Morse Diesels, pg. 19;
Steam on the Central Vermont, pp. 20-21;
Boston & Maine, pp. 22-23;
The Timeless Moguls, pp. 24-25;
The Boneyards, pp. 26-27;
Self-Propelled Cars, pg. 28;
B&M Steam Farewell, pg. 29;
The 3600's, pg. 30;
Steam at Marblehead, pg. 31;
Marblehead Branch, pp. 32-33;
Swampscott Branch, pp. 34-35;
The Final Winter, pp. 36-39;
CV Steam Finale, pg. 40;
Eastern Gas & Fuel, pp. 41-43;
The Central Mass Branch, pp. 44-45;
World of Mirth, pg. 46;
Fore River, pg. 47;
Grafton & Upton, pp. 48-49;
End of the Marblehead Branch, pp. 50-51;
Diesel Transition, pg. 52;
Old Colony Commuters, pg. 53;
Mystic Yard, pp. 54-55;
Working Freight, pg. 56;
Local Freights at Danvers, pp. 57-58;
Waters River Trestle, pg. 59;
Gravel Shakers, pp. 60-61;
The TALGO, pp.62-65;
ALCOs in Western Massachusetts, pp. 66-67;
Greenfield, pp. 68-69;
Hoosac Tunnel, pp. 70-71;
BR-1, pp. 72-73;
Crossing the Merrimack, pp. 74-75;
Filming 'The Cardinal', pg. 76;
The New Haven in Boston, pp. 77-81;
Seashore Trolley Museum, pp. 82-83;
Winter, pp. 84-85;
Ubiquitous Budds, pp. 86-89;
Wrecks, pp. 90-92;
Wreck at Orange, pg. 93;
Clean-up at North Andover, pg. 94;
House Call at Clinton, pg. 95;
Diesel Variety on the B&A, pp. 96-99;
James E. Strates Shows, pp. 100-103;
Attleboro, pp. 104-108;
Framingham, pp. 109-111;
Ringling Brothers Train, pg. 112;
A Trolley Odyssey, pg. 113;
A Steam-Powered Wedding, pg. 114;
MBTA F-Units, pp. 115-117;
The F40s, pg. 118;
On the South Side, pp. 119-120;
A Tale of Two Bridges, pg. 121;
Detour at Danvers, pp. 122-123;
Changes on the Cape, pp. 124-126;
Conrail, pg. 127;
Retirement, pg. 128.

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages, standard portrait size, Color images with captions.

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