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Turbines Westward (soft cover)
Turbines Westward (soft cover)

Turbines Westward (hard cover)

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Hardcover second printing with additional pages and photographs.

For almost twenty years the Union Pacific Railroad operated a fleet of gas turbine Electric Locomotive in their motive power stable to help move the heavy density of freight traffic that the historic railroad enjoys. Turbines Westward is the story of the unique chapter in railroad history, for the UP was the only railroad to own such power.

A total of fifty-nine turbine locomotives saw service on the Union Pacific, and all are pictured as the railroad and railfan saw them. Starting with the two steam turbine electrics of 1939, the story follows the development of the three different classes of gas turbine electrics that evolved from the original Big Blow. The Omaha built coal turbine of 1962 is also featured along with the men who were responsible for the turbine era on the Union Pacific.

Second Edition Supplement: More photographs and company data has been added to the book.

Includes 325 photographs, roster, drawings and printed on high quality book stock. Includes a three-page foldout diagram of coal-burning turbine number 80. Photographs are from Union Pacific files and rail fans.

T. Lee Publications, hardcover, 184 pages, 8.5 x 11 x .55 in., Black & White photographs and illustrations, roster data.

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