It is Arizona Hobbies understanding that as of January 1, 2021, Arizona Hobbies must become an unpaid tax collector for sales to the United Kingdom. It is expected we must keep track of sales to the UK and remit taxes collected quarterly. If this is true, Arizona Hobbies may discontinue sales to the UK.


george wood

Date 4/16/2021

I am surprised by the comment about Arizona Hobby being liable for U.K. tax collection. Since leaving the European Union taxation of imports from the U.S.A has become more favourable in that Value Added Tax allowance has been raised from £15 to£135 and it is stated that any VAT above this figure will be collected when articles arrive in the United Kingdom and from the purchaser. It is not expected that any tax will be levied in the U.S.A. In addition Value Added Tax is not applied to books, magazines etc. and never has been even when the U.KI was in the European Union. Other suppliers in the U.S.A. seem to have the same view as you but not others.

Randy Curtin

Date 4/16/2021

The comment was based upon the notices from the shipping company I use. This may have been before more details were known. And possibly more of their customers have high-value goods and it applies to them more than Arizona Hobbies. As long as Arizona Hobbies can ship to the U.K. under these terms, hopefully there will be no problems or costs associated with shipping books and low-value goods.

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