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Union Pacific Northwest
Union Pacific Northwest

Union Pacific Northwest

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Jeff Asay
Feature: Union Pacific Historical Society, 2014
Manufacturer Number: 978-1932704327

A Revised and Expanded History of the Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company by Jeff Asay.

Originally published in 1991, the first edition of this book has long been out of print. Now, Jeff Asay has significantly revised and expanded the book for this new edition, including an entirely new chapter that brings the history of the railroad into the new millennium.

This new edition has nearly 500 pages and over 500 photographs. Over half of these photographs were not in the original edition and most have not been published anywhere before. Even if you have the original edition, this new and expanded edition will add to your collection and provide much new information and insight on UP operations in this far corner of the country.

Most photographs are B&W with some Color photographs from the 1970s onward.

Acknowledgements and Preface, pp. 6-8;
Henry Villard and the Oregon, Railway & Navigation Company, pp. 9-42;
Searching for Safe Harbor, pp. 43-66;
Turmoil and Revival, pp. 67-102;
Harriman the Builder, pp. 103-150;
Strahorn's North Coast Railway, pp. 151-184;
The Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company, pp. 185-214;
Controversy and Cutbacks, pp. 215-252;
Old Adversaries - New Wars, pp. 253-300;
The Challenge to Change, pp. 301-354;
New Lines, New Dams, New Rules, pp. 355-404;
Deregulation, Hard Decisions and Renewal, pp. 405-481;
Bibliography, pp. 482-496.

Union Pacific Historical Society, hardcover, 8.5 x 11 x 1.5 in., majority B&W photographs, maps.

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