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Virginian Railway In Color
Virginian Railway In Color

Virginian Railway In Color

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Feature: hardcover with jacket
Feature: William G. McClure and Jeremy F. Plant
Feature: 2005
Manufacturer Number: 978-1582481425

The Virginian was a challenge to photographers. It was far from most major urban areas, hard to follow by good roads in most places, and overshadowed in traffic density by the Norfolk & Western. Yet thanks to dedicated photographers a number of good Color photographs exist to make this a very interesting books. Electric railroad fans James P. Shuman and Sanford Goodrick had the photographic skills to record the Virginian electrics brilliantly. Others photographers include the tres amigos of the Pocahontas roads: Wally Johnson, August Thieme and H. Reid.

The book begins with a brief historic overview and roster, then moves on to the coal piers and then works its way west from Virginia into the rugged terrain of West Virginia. Along the way are many photographs of steam power, electric power, the Lima super-power, passenger trains and their equipment, the Train Masters and finally rolling stock and cabooses.

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages, standard portrait size, Color images with captions.

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