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Western Pacific Remembered DVD
Western Pacific Remembered DVD

Western Pacific Remembered DVD

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Feature: Charles Smiley Presents
Feature: Charles Smiley Presents
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Visit the Western Pacific from both sides of San Francisco Bay down to Niles Junction and then on the San Jose Branch, and return to Niles Jct. for a ride through Niles Canyon.

Then from Altamont Pass we run to Stockton, Sacramento and all the great locations along the way to Oroville. From Oroville to Keddie Wye brings more great scenery.

On to Bieber on a freight train and return down to Keddie Wye and Portola. From Portola ride to Reno and Loyalton. From Loyalton run over the Great Basin Desert to Salt Lake City. See the Western Pacific as it was.

This ambitious project brings together vintage color movie scenes shot by six cinematographers in 8 and 16-mm film. Shots are made from the cab of the California Zephyr and on locals and through freight trains. Many scenes are taken from trackside and other points of view. This will bring to you what it was like to work for a fine railroad. Includes many special maps made for this video, train sounds and informative narration.

Charles Smiley Presents, 1 hour 47 minutes and an additional 23 minutes of previews.

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