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Your Guide to Railway Signals
Your Guide to Railway Signals

Your Guide to Railway Signals

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Frederick J. Aubertin
Simmons-Boardman Books, 2019

This is a railroad industry general reference textbook. This is not a model railroad signalling guide. This book is intended for use by railroad industry professionals but rail enthusiasts who want more information about railroad signalling by railroads in North America will find this interesting. Familiarity with electrical terms will be helpful.

This is the book for you if you strive for railway signaling knowledge. Your Guide to Railway Signals is an excellent guide for training signal personnel especially railway cross-function managers, supervisors, and support personnel. Signal personnel and management can use this book as an information packed off-the-shelf reference guide. High-quality graphics and diagrams have been used throughout. Complies with all standards and commonly used practices.

Includes chapters on Track Circuits, Basic Crossings, Gate Crossings, Microprocessor-Based Crossings, Switch Circuit Controller (SCC) and Electric Locks, Switch Machines, Relay-Based and Processor-Based CTC, and Testing Locking Circuits.

Definitions (railroad and electrical terminology), pp. 5-52;
Introduction to Signalling (explanation of terms such as derails, interlocking limits, etc.), pp. 53-86;
Track Circuits (coded DC track circuits, AC-DC track circuits, ballast resistance, etc.), pp. 87-112;
Basic Crossings (lighting, bell, inspection frequency, etc.), pp. 113-150;
Gate Crossings (gate mechanism, control circuits, mechanical), pp. 151-186;
Microprocessor-Based Crossings (track and AC signals, overlapping crossings, relay vs. solid state, etc.) , pp. 187-216;
Switch Circuit Controller (SCC) and Electric Locks (physical description, wiring methods, electric switch lock), pp. 217-236;
Switch Machines (mechanical features, operation, cross-overs, etc.), pp. 237-274;
Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) - Relay Based, pp. 275-300;
Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) - Processor Based, pp. 301-336;
Testing Locking Circuits (approach locking, traffic locking, route locking, etc), pp. 337-360;
Index, pp. 361-370.

Simmons-Boardman Books, softcover, 370 pages, standard portrait format 11 x 8.5 in., B&W illustrations.

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