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Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Remembrances DVD
Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Remembrances DVD

Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Remembrances DVD

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The Rio Grande still had hundreds of miles of Narrow Gauge Rail operations in 1954 when Andy Payne became a steam locomotive fireman, then yard hostler and later an engineer!

Andy filmed many hours of movie film all during his career! This brings us a fresh "insider's" look at one of America's all-time favorite railroads. Andy's work included "hostling" : Coaling, Sanding, and cleaning out the grates in the firebox! Andy filmed all the great scenery and the railroad's daily work life over the years. This leaves us a wonderful historical record of place that still had steam locomotives, and old wooden freight and passenger cars, earning revenue!

Beautiful winter scenes were captured. This seemingly improbable operation was still valuable to its customers until time ran out in 1969! Learn the history of the line and hear some great stories, and insights, as Andy explains all the historic scenes he shot on Kodak Color Movie Film; See action from the cab, onboard and trackside. Much of the material could only have been recorded by someone that was there, every day, for 15 years and, with enthusiasm for his work. This production has an emphasis on revenue freight trains in regions that no longer have tracks. Steam firing and helper operations with up to 3 locomotives, are featured up close with real sound in all types of weather and extreme conditions. Witness avalanches, rock slides, floods, and snow fighting!

Charles Smiley Presents, 1 hour 32 minutes plus 20 minutes of previews.

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