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Development and Operation of New York's IRT and BMT

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History does repeat itself. In his latest work, Fazio connects the dots for today's operational officers by outlining the relevance of modern challenges to those faced by our forefathers of operational design. Many of these issues are brought to life by exploring examples learned from mitigating various issues and tactics used when the NYCTA assumed control of the BMT and IRT lines. The author's work includes reviews of papers and analyses by operational experts of the early twentieth century such as William Parsons, Frank Sprague, Fred Lavis, and Bion Arnold.

The book concludes with a series of historical case studies that are directly pertinent to modern design and operations, including Hudson-Bergan Light Rail's Bayonne Flyer and "three roads," BART operations, and the Washington METRO's capacity challenges. It includes graphical analysis, technical drawings, and suggestions for further reading on critical topics.

Simmons-Boardman Books, 136 pages, standard vertical format, Color photographs and illustrations.

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