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Fundamentals of Railway Track Engineering

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Gain a deeper understanding of the evolution of railroad track technology. Dr. Kerr takes you on a journey spanning several centuries to explain how railway track has evolved into what it is today. This book presents the knowledge needed for rational design and maintenance of passenger, freight, and transit track. It will become a must-have tool for establishing modern and future track maintenance and safety standards.

Amply illustrated, this book includes drawings, charts, equations, and photographs depicting various concepts presented throughout.

Learn How to:
- Assess track response to thermal and train loads (including track buckling and track dynamics);
- Analyze various track components using simple methods;
- Show how ballast, subgrade, and rail properties contribute to the response and wear of track;
- Solve practical railway engineering problems related to track design, construction, and maintenance;

Who this Book is for:
- Track Engineers;
- Roadmasters;
- Supervisors;
- Track inspectors;
- Track managers;
- Armed forces;
- Derailment investigators;
- Designers of track components and machinery;
- Federal and state departments of transportation;
- Engineering lecturers;

Hardcover, 392 pages, smaller vertical format, B&W illustrations and charts.

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