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Guide to Freight Car Air Brakes

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The most extensive work on freight car air brakes from the Railway Education Bureau.

Learn about all the components found on freight car air brake systems in their newest addition to the Freight Car Maintenance Series.

Each chapter provides the necessary information to help quickly inspect appropriate components and offers tips on adjustment and repairs. Safety awareness is stressed at the end of each chapter to help create a "heads up" attitude on the shop floor.

Includes information on products from many suppliers including WABCO, Ellcon-National, Thrall, Westinghouse, and TTX/Misner.

Topics covered include:
Brake shoes;
Brake pipes;
Safety supports;
End cocks;
Control valves;
Auxiliary brake pipe reduction devices;
Retaining valves;
Truck mounted brake systems;
Plus more.

Softcover, 188 pages, large format, Black-and-White illustrations.

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