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Pickle and Vinegar Makers of the Midwest
Pickle and Vinegar Makers of the Midwest

Pickle and Vinegar Makers of the Midwest

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Here is a book featuring a once-upon-a-time source of traffic for America's railroads. If these products move on the rails today, they are packaged in glass and boxed and move in trailers or containers.

This title features both pickle and vinegar companies which of course can be related to each other. The major players in the industry, their history, operations and and freight cars are detailed.

Special attention is given to Michigan and Wisconsin, with charts of where cucumbers were grown, cities with pickle and vinegar factories and their relationship to Chicago-at one time the leading maker of pickles and vinegar.

Introduction, pp. 4-5;
The Midwest Pickle Industry, pp. 6-33;
The Manufacture of Pickles, pp. 34-50;
Pickle Transport, pp. 51-73;
Vinegar History, pp. 74-88;
Vinegar Manufacturers and Factories, pp. 89-99;
Vinegar Transport, pp. 100-120;
Charts, Tables and Plans, pp. 121-139;
Sources, pg. 140.

The author has written articles on pickle and vinegar cars and operations for several model railroad magazines, and presented numerous clinics on pickle and vinegar operations.

Softcover, 140 pages, standard portrait format, 190 photographs with 39 in Color, 31 maps, 68 drawings and illustrations including plans of vinegar and pickle cars.

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