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The Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal History
The Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal History

The Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal History

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This title is on its way to Arizona Hobbies and should arrive mid-September.

This book traces the history of the railroads that formed the Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal from the LaSalle & Chicago Railroad projected in 1867 to the Chicago & Great Western, which together with the Chicago & Calumet Terminal formed the Chicago Terminal Transfer, which became the Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal. The Baltimore & Ohio is followed from its entry into Chicago in 1873 to the formation of CSX in 1980.

The author had access to a wide variety of materials from the Baltimore & Ohio Historical Society, Soo Line Historical & Technical Society, Chicago & North Western Historical Society and much more.

Unlike most railroads, the B&OCT was not built from point A to point B and considered complete. It evolved slowly, adding and subtracting trackage as it was needed. Each of the lines making up the B&OCT was documented along with the reasons they were built and in some cases not built. Except for minor changes, the line was complete by 1900, but lurking in the future was its second receivership. After a bidding war between Hill for the Burlington and Harriman for the B&O, it emerged as the B&OCT in 1910.

Maps are an important part to any history and this book includes 128 maps. There are 78 pages of color photographs and 325 pages of text. Photographers include Burt Mall, Phil Weibler and John Szwajkart, all well-known Chicago-area railroad photographers.

Chapter 16 recounts two inspection trips taken in 1952 and 1955 that includes the original agendas provided by the railroad with photos added to illustrate what they might have seen. Chapter 17 includes a General Outline of the B&OCT from 1935, with maps of every segment circa 1966. The 1956 B&O Training Manual is reproduced. It shows all the tracks and industries served with miles from Grand Central and the car capacity of sidings and yards. Finally there is a locomotive roster, a diesel roster, bibliography and index, 323 pages in total.

Whether you are interested in Chicago railroads, Chicago history or a B&O aficionado, this book is must-have reading.

Early History, pp. 1-18;
The Chicago Great Western Railroad, pp. 19-36;
Suburban Service, pp. 37-50;
The Chicago & Northern Pacific Railroad, pp. 51-70;
Expansion, pp. 71-91;
The Chicago Central Railroad, pp. 92-109;
The World's Fair City, pp. 110-130;
The Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad, pp. 131-145;
Prosperity, pp. 146-168;
Improvements, pp. 169-183;
The Fight for Control, pp. 184-196;
The Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal, pp. 197-218;
The Chicago Plan, pp. 219-240;
Forest Hill and Barr Yard, 241-257;
Final Chapter, pp. 258-276;
Inspection Trips, pp. 277-294;
Information, Bibliography and Index, pp. 295-323.

Softcover, 325 pages, standard portrait format, 280 photographs (46 in Color), 128 maps, and 20 illustrations. This is not a picture book, but a history book that includes many photographs.

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